séminaire 23-24 septembre

Seminar “Dynamic of Learning”
23 & 24th September 2015

This seminar is organised in the relationships with the e-lab Ecological Dynamics & Sport
Performance (http://eecod2014.wix.com/e-ecod) and the Institute of Complex systems in
Normandy (http://iscn.univ-lehavre.fr). This seminar is notably supported by National Agency
of Research through the project DynaMov: Dynamics of movement patterns: Expertise and
behavioural variability (http://www.agence-nationale-recherche.fr/?Project=ANR-13-JSH2-
0004), and by the Regional Network LMN through the axis XTerM: Complex System,
Intelligent Territory and Mobility (http://grrhn.insa-rouen.fr/?page_id=26). The seminar will
take place at CETAPS lab, Faculty of Sport Sciences, University of Rouen, boulevard
Siegfried, Mont Saint Aignan, France: http://staps.univ-rouen.fr/contacts-et-plans-d-acces-

23/09: 9h-12h
Speaker 1: Julien Lagarde (University of Monptellier, France: http://julienlagarde.free.fr)
Speaker 2: Pier-Giorgio Zanone (University of Toulouse, France: http://prissmh.univtlse3.
23/09: 14-17h:
PhD defence of Dominic Orth: Dynamics of acquiring adaptive skills in a complex multi-articular task:
Constraints on metastable actions.
Abstract: This thesis presents data supporting a re-definition of the concept of learning and transfer of
skills, based on key ideas in ecological dynamics, using climbing as the research vehicle. The research
programme sought to determine how environment-performance relationships support the acquisition of
multi-articular skills, attempting to identify mechanisms that support improved transfer of learning due to
24/09: 9h-12h30
Speaker 1: Karl Newell (Georgia University, USA:
Speaker 2: Keith Davids (Sheffield Hallam University, UK:
Speaker 3: Graham Kerr (Queensland University of Technology, Australia: