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Dr. Pierpaolo Iodice investigates the neurobiology underpinning goal-directed learning and decision-making (Pezzulo et al, 2017). He focuses on how different aspects of value are learned, represented and used to guide choice behaviour within frontal-striatal-dopaminergic circuits (Iodice et al, 2017a). He is particularly interested in the way in which our brain is able to integrate across these multiple different types of information in order to guide appropriate decisions (Iodice et al, 2017b; Pezzulo et al, 2018).
At the moment his main research issue is how living organisms (and possibly robots) could develop higher cognition from sensorimotor skills. According to Gibson’s influential idea a necessary aspect of object perception is specifying the potential actions afforded by objects in our environment (Gibson, 1979). He tests the hypothesis that, under conditions of target uncertainty, the brain prepares multiple actions, in parallel, for competing potentials targets before selecting one of them to execute.

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